Advocating for human equality has always been at the root of Fiona's endeavors. Since 2004 when she came out as gay, Fiona has been particularly focused on working for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

Due to her involvement in promoting LGBT rights in Houston, she was elected the 2009 Female Grand Marshal for that year's Pride Parade.  

In 2015 Fiona was one of nine LGBT Artists awarded by the White House as a Champion of Change. In the blog, Fiona says, "Today, as a bisexual woman it's important for me to be visible with my own sexual orientation to help end bi-phobia, but my work is focused on advocating for transgender rights. Through TransMilitary I wish to not only assist in lifting the ban on transgender people serving, but also contribute to changing how people are viewed in general. I believe when we come to know a diversity of mighty soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines honorably serving our country, society can see that they and their civilian counterparts deserve the equal rights and respect they so fiercely protect."

As Fiona believes visibility helps end stigma and discrimination, in 2012 she came out as bisexual via this video on YouTube: