Personality Reel

Fiona is working to host and produce an exciting and entertaining show looking at positive, inspiring real-life stories of how people are doing caring things to end stigma and discrimination.

There is so much negativity blasted out in our media.  We constantly see violence, poverty and inequality.  We all know how horrible it is and we become immune to the devastation.  But what about those incredible acts of human kindness that are happening every single day?

This reality-style broadcast is designed to capture the attention of those who do not normally look at this content and provide an avenue for anyone, anywhere to get involved.

Future episode ideas include… A guy that goes into brothels to rescue girls; a karate instructor teaching rescued sex-slaves how to defend themselves; a woman helping stop the African-American school-to-prison pipeline; homeless people running a marathon to literally get back on their feet; a transgender Muslim teenager who survives attempted suicide because of the love and support of his friends; a wheelchair boxing champ fighting stigma; and a nun combating on behalf of sex abuse survivors in Brooklyn.

Join Fiona on this trek across America and around the globe to meet people making this world a better place.  You will be surprised, entertained and inspired…